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We are proud to have always offered the best possible support to our customers. We treat every project as if our success depends on it because it does!

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"Derek and Kimberly provided us with exactly what we were looking for! We'll be working with them in the future. Give him the opportunity and they’ll deliver"
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“Dereck and his team were able to get us AS9100 certified in 5 weeks. This allowed us to bid on a major opportunity that we would not have gotten the chance to without it.”
MariaProgram Manager
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"Dereck was fantastic to work with. He is an expert in in ISO 9001, extremely professional with great communications skills We look forward to offering him more opportunities in the near future!"
JeffPlant Manager
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“Dereck was able to help me get approval for a large expansion project. This required detailed analysis of risk and ROI forecasting that we simply did not know how to put together. He came through in a tight timeline and we have started to build our shop up. He helped us plan the flow and put processes in place to be efficient. We use his ideas already and can’t wait to see how well they work with the new shop.”
JoeCo Owner
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“Dereck, Kimberly and their amazing team helped us more than we anticipated they would. We moved into a large space because we couldn’t get a consistent flow in our old crammed shop. Then after we moved and set up the floor, we saw the same inconsistency with much higher overhead. They came in and helped us find waste, eliminate it and develop processes that not only made us way more consistent but allowed us be more efficient than we have ever been. We are confident that the higher overhead won’t be a problem now.”
JenniferQuality Manager
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“We loved the training class. We were caught off guard when our certification auditor wrote up a bunch of findings, so we tried a consultant for the first time. Dereck and Kim helped close them and trained us on ISO9001 in terms that made a lot of sense. Now we really understand what the auditor saw and how we can see things the same way so we aren’t surprised again.”

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